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Free Spiritual Care by Lackey Clinic in Newport News VA

Do you need Spiritual Care?

Lackey Clinic is a faith-based nonprofit providing free spiritual care to enrolled Lackey Clinic patients. Our patients are the working class usually earning between $12-$25 an hour who earn too much to qualify for Virginia Medicaid but not enough to afford quality health insurance. The Clinic offers free medical care, dental care, eye care, virtual care, free and low-cost prescriptions, behavioral health services, connected care, and spiritual care.

What is Spiritual Care?

Spiritual Care involves confidential conversations between patients and trained spiritual care givers. The purpose is to help patients and staff access their faith for the healing of body, mind, and spirit.  The hope of Spiritual Care is that all may know the present love of God. Most of the Spiritual Care team are bi-lingual members who provide spiritual care in both English and Spanish.

What are examples of Spiritual Care needs?

Patients can request spiritual care for a variety of needs, such as family needs, financial concerns, relationship problems, faith questions, emotional needs like grief, loneliness and anxiety.  Team members are trained to listen and pray as a patient desires to happen.

Spiritual Care Yorktown VA

Spiritual Care is not appropriate for the diagnosis or treatment for mental health conditions.

Lackey Clinic provides free behavioral health to currently enrolled medical patients. If a patient feels they need to speak to a behavioral health specialist, they should make an appointment with their Lackey Clinic primary care doctor to be referred to a member of our behavioral health staff by calling 757-886-0608

What if I do not have a specified faith or am not a Christian?

Spiritual Care is provided for Lackey Clinic patients of various faiths as well as those seeking God’s help apart from identified religions. 

We want to hear and pray for your prayer requests!

Please click the button below to submit your prayer request so we can be praying for you. Our Spiritual Care Team is praying daily for these requests, and we are also praying for them during our staff prayer time during the week. Your prayer request will not be made public.

Praying with Us

Every workday morning our staff & volunteers gather together to pray. If you are interested in receiving a daily reminder email with each day’s first prayer, sign up below!

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