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Policies of Lackey Clinic

Our Policies

Please review all of our policies below. Thank you!

Patient Policies

What to Bring to Appointments

ALL MEDICATION BOTTLES for medications you are currently taking, including over-the-counter medications and supplements.

DIABETICS: bring blood sugar log.

NEW PATIENTS: bring all health information and records you have to your first appointment.

Recommended Contributions

Medical, Eye Care, Behavioral Health Appointments: $25

Dental Appointments: $50

LMAP/RXP Medications: $3

Lackey Clinic Card (new or replacement): $5

Contributions are not required in order to receive services, medications, or cards.

No-Show Policies

An appointment is considered a No-Show if:

  • the patient is more than 15 minutes late for an appointment
  • fails to show up for an appointment
  • or does not cancel the appointment in the following appropriate times:
    Medical, eye care, and behavioral health appointment cancellations must be made by noon the day before the appointment. Dental appointment cancellations must be made by noon 2 DAYS before the appointment.

In the event of a No-Show, the patient will receive the following fees:

  • $25 fee for a Medical No Show
  • $25 fee for a Behavioral Health Counseling Session No Show
  • $50 fee for an Eye Care No Show
  • $50 fee for a Dental No-Show
  • $50 fee for a Behavioral Health (with Provider) No-Show
  • $50 fee for each Specialty Care No-Show

Patients will not be allowed to make or reschedule appointments or receive medication until the fee is paid.

After 3 No-Shows, the patient may be dismissed from the Clinic.

Language Barrier

Patients who do not speak English MUST bring an interpreter to all visits within the Clinic.

Medical Questions

If you are a current patient, you may call the Clinic at 757.886.0608 during the office hours below. For after hours, refer to the Emergency Department Policies.

Clinic Hours:
Monday–Thursday: 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m.–Noon

Pharmacy Policies


Call or text: 757.742.9649 

Call 1 WEEK prior to running out of medication.

Allow 3 DAYS for refills to be ready for pick-up.

Medications that are not provided for free through a patient assistance
program may be available through Lackey Clinic at the expense of the patient.

Medication Pick-Up Times

Monday–Wednesday: 9:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Thursday: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Friday: The Pharmacy is closed.

Generic medications are available for purchase in our pharmacy for your convenience:
$4 for a 30-day supply (max
payment $20)
$10 for a 90-day supply (max payment $50)  

LMAP/RXP Medications: $3

Lackey Medication Assistance Program (LMAP)

This program helps our patients to receive medications free from pharmaceutical companies’ Patient Assistance Programs.

LMAP caseworkers sign authorization forms and order refills on our
patients’ behalf.

Allow 6 WEEKS for new prescriptions and
3 WEEKS for refills.

Please notify the Clinic if you receive correspondence from any pharmaceutical company.

Please Note:
Medical and financial information may be shared with other healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and their designees, as needed for authorization and medical treatment purposes.

Additional Policies

Referral Policies

Only Lackey Clinic can refer you to Specialty Care appointments.

You are responsible for any FEES for services received that were not referred by Lackey Clinic.

If your annual income is at 201%–300% FPL and you are referred for care outside of the Clinic, you may be responsible for a portion of your bill based upon your income. If you get a bill, we will do our best to have it written off on your behalf but we cannot guarantee it.

If you are unable to make a Specialty Care appointment and do not cancel within the specified time period, you may be billed up to $150 by the provider as well as pay the $25.00 NO-SHOW FEE to Lackey Clinic.

Emergency Department Policies


If you have a life-threatening emergency, go directly to the closest Emergency Department or call 911.

If you feel you need to visit the Emergency Department during Clinic hours for non-life-threatening reasons, call the Clinic to speak with a nurse before going to the hospital.

If you are unsure if you need to visit the Emergency Department after Clinic hours, please call ASK-A-NURSE at 757.595.6363 first.

You may be required to pay portions of your Emergency Department bill for services not provided under the Charity Care Agreement.

If the ED is OVERUSED or IMPROPERLY used, Lackey Clinic will not be responsible for those fees and you may be dismissed from the Clinic.

Dental Policies

All dental patients must have a medical appointment at Lackey Clinic prior to their first dental visit.

Available services include cleanings, fillings, and extractions.

Specialized services are limited and provided on a case by case basis. *fee may apply

Cancellations should be made 2 DAYS prior to the appointment.

Patients will be contacted 4 days prior to confirm they are coming to their dental appointment. It is very important that you call or text us back to confirm that you are coming at least 24 hours BEFORE your dental appointment or it will be CANCELLED. Please make sure your phone number is up to date with us and that you have an active voicemail set up.

Privacy Policies
Eligibility Policies

Patients that receive care at Lackey Clinic can have no other Primary Care Provider, access to care, or ongoing treatment from another facility unless approved or provided by Lackey Clinic. Patients may be dismissed if alternate care is provided without the knowledge of Lackey Clinic.

Patients who leave the country for more than 2 months will no longer be able to receive services at Lackey Clinic until remaining in the U.S. for one year.

Patients must have a current Lackey Clinic Card in order to receive care or medication. It is the patient’s responsibility to have his/her card renewed by the expiration date shown on their Lackey Clinic Card.

You can call the Eligibility Department at 757.886.0608 ext. 253 for more information (or ext. 254 for someone to call you back in Spanish).

If your income changes or you become insured (including Medicaid and Medicare) you MUST notify the Clinic of these changes immediately.

Any falsification or withholding of information regarding income or insurance status will result in suspension or dismissal from the Clinic.

Services NOT Available

Chronic Pain Management

Pre-natal Care

Substance Abuse Treatment

Treatment for Severe Mental Illness

Disability physicals and Workmen’s Compensation physicals

The following medications are NOT provided: Controlled substances (including but not limited to narcotics and sleeping pills) or family planning services

Behavior Policy

Patients may be dismissed if any type of inappropriate or threatening behavior is observed at Lackey Clinic or any facility where attending as a Lackey patient.

In the event that a patient feels he/she has any grief or complaint against the Clinic, the patient is to resolve the issue with management. Any derogatory or inflammatory comments posted to Lackey Clinic’s social media sites are grounds for immediate dismissal.


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