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Choose which one of the following three options best serves you:

Do You Have an Urgent Medical or Dental Need?

Virtual Care Services: 

Start a free virtual care visit now—no appointment needed! Used for urgent but non-life-threatening medical or dental conditions.
Call: 757.886.0608 ext. 252

Do You Need Medical Care and Are Uninsured?

Lackey Clinic Medical Patient Services

Medical Patient Services:

Primary Care
Specialty Care
Dental Care 
Eye Care
Free & Low-Cost Prescriptions 
Behavioral Health Services
Connected Care 
Spiritual Care
*Must not have medical insurance.
Call: 757.886.0608 ext. 252
Email: enroll@lackeyhealthcare.org

Do You Need Dental Care but Don’t Have Insurance?

Dental Only Services:  

Cleanings & Oral Exams
Specialized services including but not limited to bridges, crowns, and root canals are provided on a case-by-case basis and require additional fees.
*Must not have dental insurance.
Medicaid not accepted.
Call: 757.886.0608 ext. 252
Email: enroll@lackeyhealthcare.org
If you have an urgent need but would also like to become either a medical or a dental only patient, you may also choose to book a Lackey Virtual Care appointment while you wait for your patient application to be processed and approved.

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