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Lackey Clinic Receives Community Impact Award and $500 from Retail Alliance

Lackey Clinic Receives Community Impact Award and $500 from Retail Alliance

Lackey Clinic Receives Community Impact Award and $500 from Retail Alliance

Retail Alliance recognized Lackey Clinic this year and was awarded the Community Impact Award at Retail Alliance’s 16th Annual Retailer of the Year Awards. Retail Alliance provides advocacy, benefits, and education to retailers throughout the region.

This award is important because many retailers in Hampton Roads (Williamsburg, Yorktown, Poquoson, Newport News, Hampton) cannot afford to provide employees with affordable healthcare benefits.

By partnering with Lackey Clinic, uninsured employees who earn between $12-$25 an hour can apply for free medical, dental, behavioral health, medications, and eye care at Lackey Clinic. This allows retailers to help keep their employees healthy and continue working. Lackey Clinic also provides free Virtual Urgent Care to any adult in Virginia, regardless of insurance or income.

Lackey Clinic is a faith-based nonprofit providing free and charitable healthcare to uninsured adults in Virginia. The clinic’s working-class patients, usually earning between $12-$25 an hour, earn too much to qualify for Virginia Medicaid but not enough to afford quality health insurance.

According to the Retail Alliance: “The Community Impact Award recognizes a retailer that goes above and beyond in supporting and enriching the neighborhoods they serve. Whether through philanthropic initiatives or innovative community engagement programs, this retailer has shown a genuine dedication to improving the lives of those around them.


The Crucial Role of Nonprofits in the Healthcare Sector

Lackey Clinic continues improving its free medical and dental care services to the community, ensuring that the healthcare needs of working-class people are met with dignity.

Nonprofit medical clinics and healthcare services play a crucial role in supporting the health and well-being of the working class. These organizations serve as lifelines for individuals and families facing financial constraints and limited access to traditional healthcare facilities. The importance of nonprofit medical clinics for the working class can be viewed through several vital lenses:

Nonprofit medical clinics often prioritize affordability and accessibility. For the working class, who may be uninsured or underinsured, these clinics become essential sources of medical care. By providing services at reduced costs or on a sliding scale based on income, these clinics bridge the gap between financial limitations and the need for quality healthcare.

Nonprofit clinics focus not only on treating existing health issues but also on preventive care. Regular check-ups, vaccinations, and screenings are critical in preventing the escalation of health problems. For the working class, early intervention can prevent conditions from becoming more severe, leading to improved overall health and reduced long-term healthcare costs. Nonprofit medical clinics often operate within the communities they serve, fostering a sense of community well-being. They understand the local population’s unique challenges and health concerns, enabling them to tailor their services to address specific needs. These clinics help create healthier and more resilient societies by contributing to community health.

For many in the working class, accessing healthcare through emergency rooms may be the only option, especially if they lack insurance. Nonprofit clinics can help alleviate the burden on emergency rooms by providing primary care services, reducing the strain on emergency resources, and promoting more efficient use of healthcare resources.

These institutions often focus on reducing health disparities by providing targeted services to underserved populations. The working class, which may include individuals from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, benefits from clinics that address specific health challenges these communities face. This targeted approach contributes to more equitable healthcare outcomes.

Nonprofit clinics often adopt a holistic approach to healthcare, recognizing that social determinants of health, mental health, and lifestyle choices impact overall well-being. By addressing these factors, these clinics support a more comprehensive and patient-centered approach to healthcare for the working class.

Finally, many nonprofit healthcare organizations go beyond providing medical services and engage in health education and advocacy efforts. Empowering the working class with information about preventive measures, healthy lifestyles, and available resources enhances their ability to make informed decisions about their health.


How Lackey Clinic Continues to Make a Difference

Lackey Clinic operates with a distinct mission, standing apart from conventional healthcare providers while sharing commonalities in delivering care. For nearly three decades, their commitment has been to extend skillful and compassionate healthcare, coupled with counseling, to those facing medical disadvantages, all within the framework of honoring the principles of Jesus Christ. Collaborating with individuals and organizations over the years, they have expanded their capabilities and outreach significantly, surpassing budgetary constraints and fostering mutual benefits. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic spurred them to leverage evolving technologies, enhancing their scope and accessibility.

Lackey Clinic precisely defines the “medically disadvantaged” individuals they serve as those lacking health or dental insurance, caught in the healthcare gap where Medicaid is unattainable and private insurance is financially out of reach. Often devoid of care or experiencing significant gaps, they resort to emergency departments when in need. This demographic aligns with the United Way’s description of the ALICE population — Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed — representing households struggling to afford necessities. More than 29,000 households could benefit from the free and charitable healthcare services in their service area alone.

Their focus extends primarily to the age group of 18-65, encompassing those in vocational programs and the workforce. A staggering 90% of their patients grapple with at least one chronic disease, while 75% contend with three, and 52% navigate at least five chronic conditions.

A key differentiator for Lackey Clinic lies in their dedicated team. Comprising of individuals who could secure higher-paying positions elsewhere, they choose to be part of a mission-driven culture. With a turnover rate consistently below 10% for the past five years, their staff’s commitment and manageable appointment lengths safeguard against burnout. This commitment to excellence empowers them to explore new processes, technologies, and innovations to enhance capacity, improve access, and achieve superior health outcomes.

Lackey Clinic’s partnerships provide avenues for charity care, mammograms, pathology, and cytology labs for patients meeting eligibility criteria. Their robust eligibility screening ensures that patients can access specialized care without financial barriers, encompassing labs, x-rays, imaging, and in-hospital care.

They operate an exceptionally effective volunteer model that supplements their 35-person staff with an average of 8-10 volunteers daily. In the fiscal year ’23, 346 volunteers dedicated 14,886 service hours, valued at $538,671. Among our volunteers, They have 23 providers, eight dentists, and seven pharmacists, many of whom offer specialized care at the clinic.

Lackey Clinic operates from a modern and well-maintained 10,000-square-foot facility that is entirely owned and operated by the LLC. Generous funding has facilitated the acquisition of excellent equipment, furniture, and supplies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they swiftly installed UV lights and electronic filters in the HVAC system, at workstations, and portable UV disinfectors.

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