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Patient Stories

Leanna, Medical Care Patient

Leanna, Medical Care Patient

One of the cornerstones of care at Lackey Clinic is the ability of our medical professionals to build strong relationships with our patients while providing the medical care so desperately needed.

Leanna is an example of Lackey Clinic’s mission in action in every remarkable way, physically, emotionally and mentally. She is living proof of the power of Christ’s love in action.

Diagnosed in 2008 with Type II diabetes, this 50-year-old has described her experience and care at the clinic as “life changing.” Her co-workers referred her to the Clinic and after her children researched it online, she decided to come. When Leanna arrived in 2013, obesely overweight with blood sugar levels rising, our medical staff was able to prescribe a new regimen of medications. Though her diabetes is still considered uncontrolled, her sugar levels have been decreasing. She is hopeful that by following the recommendations for diet and exercise, she will continue to lose weight.

Leanna describes the powerful messages of faith, hope and empathy, and the positive impact that can have. She calls her experience at the clinic “remarkable” as a result of the amazing care she receives.

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