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Patient Stories

Deena, Former Patient

Deena, Former Patient

Lackey Clinic has been a Godsend to me over the last decade. I have severe thyroid issues and have suffered with hormonal imbalance because of it and Lackey has graciously and lovingly walked me through treatment….always knowing exactly what was next and doing it with kindness and compassion. Not having insurance is not something one wants to broadcast, but while serving in fulltime ministry and raising my 4 children on my own I needed the help and was beyond grateful to get it at Lackey. Recently I just got married and thankfully I now will have insurance, but that reality is bittersweet when I think of having to leave the precious ones who have prayed for me, encouraged me, checked up on me, and loved me in a way where I truly knew they cared…. that is a rare gift …one I will miss!  With Love and Gratitude.

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